Alchemy Pops is a purveyor of artisan frozen pops hand-made from farm-fresh local ingredients. We offer a refreshing alternative to commercially processed pops as we strive to create intriguing flavors and cultivate a sense of community, one pop at a time. Our founder combined her experience in business, sustainability, and access to healthy local food to provide delicious and wholesome frozen pops that delight our customers as well as support our local farmers.


Our flavor selections change with the seasons. At Alchemy Pops, it is important to us that you enjoy a sweet treat made with the freshest ingredients sourced as close to home as possible — from Texas! This means that we only create frozen pops around produce at the peak of freshness — a difference you are sure to taste!


Crafting a flavorful frozen pop is a series of experiments – the options of seasonal ingredients spread across the counter, the mound of measuring cups, stirring utensils, and tasting spoons…In the process of these experiments, farmer’s market produce becomes a scrumptious Alchemy Pop. Each kitchen experiment has the potential for renewal of our mind and deepening of relationships, particularly to our community and local farms. If that’s not some sort of alchemy, we don’t know what is.

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