Invite Us To Your Next Event

We like to POP UP all around Ft. Worth! 

If you have ever tried an Alchemy Pop, it is mostly likely because you saw us at an event around town. We love getting involved with other organizations and showing up at places around the Ft. Worth area. This is how we enjoy spreading our FROZEN POP love the most---with new people, at fun events, out in the community! 

Check out some of our past events that have attended this summer:


Come play games and enjoy frozen pops with us! 

Come play games and enjoy frozen pops with us! 

Yep, that is right! We now have our own CHILL OUT ZONE that we can set up during events. Now both kids and adults can interact and play our new lawn games! Who's up for a Texas-sized game of Jenga or dice? 


We always have a lot of fun at events that showcase art! This yarn bomb event featured artists who created murals by hand using yarn. These butterfly wings were so colorful and intricate. 


We also love going to weddings. What better way to celebrate love than to toast with a POPTAIL? We offer several different wedding packages and options to customize our pops for any special day! 

SUNDAY FUNDAY at Panther Island Pavilion 


What a great way to end your weekend with some fun on a Sunday! We will be back at Panther Island Pavilion for another Sunday Funday event on September 3rd from 11-6pm. Check out the event page, HERE!  

Have an event coming up that you'd like us to come to? Check out our CATERING PAGE for more info or email us at

We are Droppin' Pops!

Preschoolers at Mi Casita enjoy a special treat this summer! 

Every Friday we make a special delivery to Mi Casita, a community-based Spanish Immersion Preschool in Ft. Worth. The kids there have been enjoying their summer camp program and we decided to bring even more joy to their Friday afternoons.

This little guy is super excited about having one of our pops! 

This little guy is super excited about having one of our pops! 

We started our Pop Drop Program last year to give a fun and easy way for people to order pops and have them delivered to locations around town. The Pop Drops we do at Mi Casita are just one example of how our program works. We love showing up to places with our pops and adding a little extra fun to the day. This is a perfect way to surprise a friend, get pops delivered to work, or for a special event.

You can even get pops delivered to make your own summer drinks or POPTAILS (as we like to call them!) Our deliveries come with an Alchemy Pops insulated tote bag and several flavors to choose from! Contact us for details at 817-502-2026  or to set up a POP DROP! We deliver within 20 miles of Fort Worth, Texas! 

Learn more about how to order our pops, HERE! 


Announcing Our First Pop Shop!

Get ready for More pops in more places! 

We are so excited to finally announce that we are opening our FIRST POP SHOP! This has been one of Carolyn's long term goals for Alchemy Pops and it is finally happening! This will be our first permanent location where we will be serving up our pops every day of the week!

After searching all over Fort Worth, we finally found the perfect location: Near Southside! Alchemy Pops will soon be calling 411 South Main Street, known as The 4 Eleven, our new home. This area is also going be the home of other small businesses, including restuarants, wedding venues, and much more. Check out this video to hear more about what else is popping up in the area.

We are planning our Grand Opening in October of this year. We will keep everyone posted as we keep planning and developing our shop. We can't wait to share our pop love with everyone at our new location! 



Arnold Palmer Poptail

Summer is here! Cool off with a poptail! 

This poptail recipe features our Blackberry Lemonade Frozen Pop. We decided to make our poptail drink using a Texas tea with tequila instead of vodka. Our Blackberry Lemonade Frozen Pop gives it an extra refreshing fruit flavor that is perfect for cooling off on a hot day! Taste for yourself using the recipe instructions below. Cheers! 


Full Directions:

1.  Add ice to your glass or cocktail shaker. 

2. Pour in the tea. It can be sweetened or un-sweetened tea. 

3. Pour in the tequila! 

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 2.10.13 PM.png

4. Cover and shake it all up. 

5. Strain and pour drink into another glass. 

6. Add in some fresh blackberries to make it extra fruity! 

6. Add in one of our Blackberry Lemonade Frozen Pops! (Stay updated on where to find us to get our frozen pops around town). 

7. Garnish with mint and lemon or other toppings for an extra refreshing twist. 


Testing New Pop Flavors!

Don't let the heat get you down...


Celebrate with us, like it's Christmas in July! Even though its mid-summer, we've already got our mind on Fall and Winter. Karina and Carolyn have been busy in the test kitchen mixing up some potential new flavors that will be coming out later this year.

Santa has got his list, and we've got one too! Except we are checking it more than twice to make sure we create the best tasting frozen pops for everyone to enjoy during the holiday seasons this year. Here is a sneak peak of what's on the line up!

Looking For (1).png

Right now we are testing flavors like Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cinnamon, Frozen Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows, and even Green Tea Matcha! Which ones would you like to try?

We would love more ideas and input on what you'd like to see on our upcoming menu! Feel free to send your favorites to info@alchemypops or post on our Facebook Page!  

For now you can enjoy our refreshing summer flavors. Some of our newest ones include Peaches & Honey and Strawberry Lemonade. Check out our current list of available flavors, HERE

Summer Camp Days

Girls Inc. of Tarrant County invited us to their SMART camp for girls this summer! 

Last Tuesday, our Chief Alchemist, Carolyn, was invited to speak at SMART Camp through Girls, Inc. of Tarrant County. The theme of last week’s camp was “Sticky Stuff,” encouraging the girls to explore the world of chemistry. They learned how chemical bonds work to bind substances together, what polymers are by creating and playing around with different "slimes," how molecules interact with each other to make things sticky, and how the surfaces of different materials like velcro can stick to other surfaces. 

It was only fitting that Alchemy Pops share a little bit about the science and "stickiness" of the pop-making process. Carolyn went over all the steps of making a delicious frozen pop, from slicing the fresh fruits and mixing all the ingredients to filling the molds and freezing the pops. The girls had fun learning about the temperature of dry ice and how something so cold could actually burn them (ouch!). One of the girls already knew what sublimation was! Carolyn ended the presentation by answering a slew of questions from the curious group of young girls. They also had fun throwing out new pop flavor suggestions. And, of course, the girls’ faces lit up when Carolyn asked, “Who wants to try a pop?”

It is always fun when Carolyn gets to share her pop wisdom with some potential future popstars. Thanks for having us, Girls, Inc.!