Meet Frankie's Fresh Foods!

Frankie's Fresh Foods is a family-owned farm that grows a wide variety of delicious produce right here in Fort Worth! They're one of our Alchemy Pops vendors, and we're so glad to be connected with them. One of our goals at Alchemy Pops is to use fresh fruit that's sourced locally, and Frankie's Fresh Foods helps us do that! 

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It's great staying local and cultivating community within the Fort Worth area. To help you learn a little more about Frankie's Fresh Foods, we did a short Q&A with one of their owners, Graciela:

How did Frankie's Fresh Foods get started?

"My husband and I have been home gardeners for several years and enjoy eating veggies right out of the garden.  My husband was ready for a career change and decided to look into growing produce on a larger scale."
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What's unique about it?

"When you think of farming, you think of dirt farming.  We growing using a different method called aquaponics.  Aquaponics allows us to raise fish and grow produce at the same time.  Aquaponics involves raising fish to provide nutrients to plants that grow hydroponically, meaning they grow in water vs soil."

What's your favorite part about running Frankie's Fresh Foods?

"We enjoy the smiling faces of our customers when they share with us how much they enjoy our produce & pickles."

What's your most popular produce item?

"I believe all fresh local produce is popular! It will taste better and keep better than anything you can get at the store since doesn't travel the distance traditional produce does and is harvested when ripe and ready to enjoy.  Folks really enjoy our living lettuces that are available in the spring and late fall.  Our blueberries and cherry tomatoes are also a big hit.  Throughout the growing season we have quite a bit of variety.  We grow kale, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, basil, blueberries, tomatoes, green tomatoes, sweet cherry tomatoes, sweet pepper, cherry peppers, eggplant, and cucumbers.  Alongside our produce, we also have our own line of dill pickles.  We make them in a gourmet dill and fiery dill.  For our next batch of pickles that will be released in the fall,  we will be adding a sweet bread and butter pickle."

Want to check out Frankie's Fresh Foods yourself? Take a look at their website! You'll probably find them at a farmer's market near you.