Help Us Kickstart Our Pop Shop!

Our Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE! 

Help us bring more pops to the people of Ft. Worth, TX. The Alchemy Pops Shop is opening on South Main Street this year! We are inviting YOU to help us make this pop dream come true.

With funds raised during this Kickstarter campaign we will buy…

  • Kitchen equipment (do you know how many sinks we have to buy?!)
  • Blenders and knives (fruit ninja skills!)
  • Pop shop build out (a kitchen of our very own!)
  • A delivery vehicle (more pops in more places!)

Why Donate?

Why back our campaign? You can join our Pop Fan Community, get *sweet* rewards, and get behind-the-scenes access to our grand opening! 

We are always experimenting and innovating, so we can promise that each and every pop is a fresh and funky dose of zany and authentic flavor. We celebrate our Fort Worth heritage by emphasizing local ingredients and community involvement. Be a part of the movement to bring unique locally owned businesses to Cowtown. Co-create the very place you take your non-Fort Worth friends to show off! 


Pledge $5 or more

Join the Pop Fan Community!

You'll be a Pop Fan for life, receive our sincere thanks, and a surprise digital download that's sure to make you smile!

Pledge $15 or more

Party + Pops!

You'll receive our sincere thanks, 6 free Alchemy Pops (your choice from our current flavors), and an invitation to our Kickstarter Party!

Pledge $40 or more

Limited Edition Pie Pops! KS EXCLUSIVE

Enjoy rewards 1 (thanks!) + 2 (pops + party!) PLUS a dozen pie pops (made exclusively with Sweet Lucy's Pies!) and a chance to vote on future limited-edition pop flavors! These pop ONLY available through Kickstarter!

Pledge $40 or more

The Holiday Pops Yule Love!

You'll enjoy backer rewards 1+2 PLUS a dozen holiday pops and a chance to vote on future limited-edition pop flavors!

Pledge $75 or more

Pops Galore!

You'll enjoy backer rewards 1 (thanks!) + 2 (pops + party!), your choice between rewards 3 OR 4, and a dozen Alchemy Pops of your choice! Doesn't have to be redeemed all at one time, but maybe that's exactly what you want ;)

Pledge $75 or more

Combo Pack!

Enjoy backer rewards 1 (thanks!) + 2 (pops + party!) PLUS a combo pack of pie pops and holiday pops (a dozen each)!

Pledge $150 or more

Did You Say Poptails?

Enjoy the backer rewards 1 (thanks!) + 2 (pops + party!) PLUS you'll get a private poptail party for 8 guests with Carolyn, Owner and Chief Alchemist! Poptail cheers in the brand new pop shop with surprise perks for the group! Only 3 available!

Pledge $300 or more

Tasting Crew!

Enjoy backer rewards 1 (thanks!) + 2 (pops + party!), your choice between rewards 3 OR 4, PLUS be a part of the Alchemy Pops tasting crew! You'll get to taste (and take home) pop flavors before they're released to the public! Only 10 available!

Pledge $600 or more

Free Pops for a Year!

You'll enjoy a bundle of the above rewards PLUS a Golden Pop Ticket! This ticket will get you Pop Packs for a year (a dozen free pops per month) - what more could you want?

Pledge $1,000 or more

All the Pops and a Special One for You!

You'll enjoy a bundle of the rewards above, a Golden Pop Ticket (a dozen free pops per month) PLUS a pop in your honor to grace our menu!




Hunger Action Month

Join US in an effort to help fight hunger 

This September we are partnering with the Tarrant Area Food Bank to help spread awareness about ways to fight hunger. According to Feeding America’s latest research hunger is present in every county in the US.  The national average shows that 1 in 8 people are struggling with hunger. Here in North Texas, 1 out of every 6 people don't know where their next meal will come from. We want to help change this. 


The Tarrant Area Food Bank is doing some great work raising awareness about hunger in our community. The whole month of September is dedicated to getting more people in our local community involved with this issue. Check out their event calendar for specific dates and locations for canned food drives, donation days, and community events around town. 

Along with some other local businesses, we joined the Tarrant Area Food Bank's Loop Giveaway to help spread the word about Hunger Action Month online. We would love to hear how other organizations and individuals are getting involved with Hunger Action Month. If you have an idea or want to share your thoughts on how we can work together to fight hunger, please reach out to us and use #hungeractionmonth to share online. 


Learn more about donating, HERE

Learn more about volunteering, HERE

Learn more about advocating, HERE

Our New Chill Out Zone!

More fun and games at our events


We wanted to bring more joy to the Alchemy Pops experience with our new Chill Out Zone! Everyone on the Alchemy Pops team loves having fun while eating frozen pops, so we thought it would be fitting to have games for everyone to play at our events. Of course, we had to stay true to the Texas theme and have "Texas sized" yard games! Who is up for a game of dice or Jenga? 


This weekend we had fun partnering with Panther Island Brewing for a tailgating event. There were a lot of fans pairing beer with frozen pops to create their own "hops and pops" drink! Keep an eye out for us popping up at more tailgating events this Fall. 


We love joining in with fun events around town! Feel free to email us at if you are hosting an event and want us to come share some frozen pop love! You can also find a list of where we are popping up next, HERE. Come find us and look for the Chill Out Zone!