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Bring the pops to the people!

A month ago, we launched this Kickstarter campaign to help raise money to open our very first Pop Shop. The campaign officially closed on October 31 at midnight and we are happy to announce that we are FULLY FUNDED!! We even exceeded our $15,000 goal by a little over $3,000! To everyone who donated and to anyone who sent positive thoughts our way, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We are jumping for joy and are so incredibly grateful for this community of support!!

With the money from this campaign we will buy...

  • Kitchen equipment (do you know how many sinks we have to buy?!)
  • Blenders and knives (fruit ninja skills!)
  • Pop shop build out (a kitchen of our very own!)
  • A delivery vehicle (more pops in more places!)

More updates to come on the grand opening of the Pop Shop and fun events we have planned throughout the winter.

Thank you so much - You are all POPstars!