Bring the pops to the people!

It's time to open OUR FIRST POP SHOP!! We are running a Kickstarter campaign (all or nothing funding so we don't get ANY $$ unless we hit our funding goal!) until Oct 31st! For this month, we are inviting our community of support to help us bring the pops to the people and make pop dreams come true! 

With funds raised during this Kickstarter campaign we will buy…

  • Kitchen equipment (do you know how many sinks we have to buy?!)
  • Blenders and knives (fruit ninja skills!)
  • Pop shop build out (a kitchen of our very own!)
  • A delivery vehicle (more pops in more places!)

Why back our campaign? You can join our Pop Fan Community, get *sweet* rewards, and get behind-the-scenes access to our grand opening! 

We are always experimenting and innovating, so we can promise that each and every pop is a fresh and funky dose of zany and authentic flavor. We celebrate our Fort Worth heritage by emphasizing local ingredients and community involvement. Be a part of the movement to bring unique locally owned businesses to Cowtown. Co-create the very place you take your non-Fort Worth friends to show off!